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We offer two different types of hot water extraction, both cleaning systems are suitable for all locations within St Helens, whether you live in a house or a high-rise apartment. Our truck-mounted carpet cleaning system is surprisingly quicker than the portable machine, because it is quicker to set up and doesn’t require any machine emptying and refilling. On the other hand, our portable carpet cleaning machine is slightly more expensive due to the additional labour costs involved in loading and unloading the machinery, as well as carrying all the necessary tools and equipment, on occasions their can be a parking fee required to with the portable set-up.

Both of our machines are top-of-the-line in their respective roles, ensuring exceptional results for your cleaning. We guarantee that you will be thoroughly satisfied with the end outcome, or we will refund your money 100%. Please contact us directly for pricing on portable cleaning jobs, as our price calculator does not apply to this specific service.

Truck mount for cleaning carpets in st helensTruck Mount

Our company offers a truck-mounted carpet cleaning services in St Helens that utilize the best machine money can buy. With our system, we can easily carry over 250 feet of hoses without compromising the quality of the cleaning results. The setup process is fast but efficient, as everything we need comes directly from our van. Additionally, our van is equipped with a 1000 litre water tank, which means there is no reliance on your water supply. You can expect convenience and professionalism when we arrive at your property – we simply park our van beside your property and connect the necessary pipes to commence the cleaning process.

Portable carpet cleaner st helensPortable

For customers residing in locations where we are unable to park our van right outside their property, we offer a portable cleaning service. Although the setup process may take a bit longer, we will require access to water and electricity. This option is especially beneficial if you live in a gated community or narrow area that limits accessibility with our van. Additionally, if you reside in a high-rise apartment, traditional carpet cleaning methods might not be feasible, making our portable machine the perfect solution for you. Rest assured that our portable machine is the best on the market and delivers exceptional cleaning results every time.

With over 25 years of experience in the cleaning industry, you can trust that we possess unmatched expertise. If you’re looking for a local St Helens carpet cleaner, don’t hesitate to contact Robbie at:

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